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Web Development

Introduction We created a website and mobile applications for automated loan processing for the company. The user can apply for a loan and complete basic transactions on their end, while the administrators can process the loan without leaving their office. The user can then perform micro digital transactions as well as all other banking transactions […]

Introduction Main landing page deliverables as well as a backend core banking system The system does not have an application end for customers because employees enter the data manually, and the system generates reports for the organization. Managers can also track employee actions. This project was created with PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. ¬† […]

Introduction Swiss Club is a web-based app that allows users to log in and refer users to the Swiss Credit application portal, earning referral commission in real-time without having to bother yourself or even go outside. XD, LARAVEL, PHP, MySQL, and jQuery were used to create this project. Following the development, it was linked to […]

Introduction A web application portal where users can apply for loans and have them fully processed digitally without leaving their office/home. This project was built with LARAVEL, PHP, MySQL, and jQuery. SERVICES Web Design & Development ORGANIZATION SWISS CREDIT LIMITED YEAR May 12th, 2020 Web Design