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5 Things to Get Used to When You Work in the Tech Space

If you are just getting started in the tech environment or you plan to, there are just some things you need to know!

The tech space is fun, dynamic and also very rewarding so don’t be discouraged. This is just for laughs

Your deadline is yesterday: the environment can get really fast-paced it will make your head spin! Clients usually want their deliverables ASAP, so that pressure is going to trickle down from your boss to you. There will be long days ahead.



There will always be revisions: Ah, just when you think you’ve done your best job ever and you proudly go to present your baby expecting high fives and oh la la las. Sorry to burst your bubble, the outcome might not always be what you plan but just remember to take criticism in good stride as it’s meant to help you grow.


You Know Nothing: Every day there are new software, new updates and new ways to do things, so don’t get too comfortable in what you know now. Find ways to learn new things, teach yourself how to adapt to new situations and be on top of your game.




There will be long nights: Remember we mentioned that there would be long days? Well there will be even longer nights. 8 hours of sleep? Pffff! What’s that? Not when you work to plague your dreams enough to make you just stay awake and get them done. Still, don’t let yourself go, self-care is still a thing. Maybe we’ll do a separate article for that. 


E go CHOKE: Somedays you’ll feel totally useless, burnt out, numb. Your laptop might annoy you to the point where you feel the urge to smash it (please don’t, you’ll regret it later). Just breath and know that “this too shall pass”

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