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Things to Know Before You Begin to Learn Coding

Hi there! It’s me again. In my last feature, I shared that I’m about to begin my journey into coding, career advancement and all.

So I have been doing some research and I have come to understand that learning coding is not beans (that means, it’s a lot of WORK). In my personal opinion, before I start, I think it’s important to internalise a few things. 

Patience:If you are like me who likes to get things done “sharp sharp” then you might want to settle down a bit for this. I have read that the processes can be complex and you might not even get it on your first, second or third try. The temptation to quit might just be there, but who knows what we can achieve with a little patience? 

Set goals: I mean actually write them down. There’s something about seeing them written down, it makes them look achievable because they might look so big in your head and this might cause you to procrastinate. Remember to tick off as you go!


Start with the Basics: Remember that phrase “No go dey do pass yourself”, well it also applies here. Start with the fundamental aspects like data structures, control structure, variables, syntax and tools. Once you build with the basics, conquering the harder areas will be easier. That’s basic logic eh? 


Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help: You really can’t know it all or do it all by yourself? When it gets difficult, seek help in form of mentorship or even as simple as asking questions to people you know or online. You might be surprised where it leads.


Don’t Give up: Nothing good comes easy. Don’t start this journey thinking it’s going to be all roses and sunshine because it will probably won’t be. Work for the best but be prepared for anything.


I hope this helps as you start your journey.  Godspeed!

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