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Can I Call Myself A Web Designer Without Knowledge of Markup Languages?

A newbie techie is about to start her journey.

I was surfing through Twitter and I saw a tweet that said

It kinda struck me because I have been creating websites since 2021 (with a short stint in 2020) using drag and drop mostly and it seems like I have gotten too comfortable in my little area and my trusting clients that I almost forgot there’s always the need to get better. 

Don’t get me wrong, I believe I’ve learned a lot, but just not enough. 


So where did this epiphany come from? My least-liked social media platform

You know how they send you job openings, well I found out that most of them (..yea all of them) even the internship positions needed you to have knowledge of CSS, HTML, Java Script etc.


It dawned on me that I had become too comfortable for too long and I need to step up my game. 


So I’m searching for the best (aka simplest) courses on YOUTUBE and I’ll be taking YOU along with me on my journey and I hope I am able to inspire at least one person to take a forward step and grow professionally.


Something tells me it’s going to be a helluva ride, but hey, what’s there to lose right?

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